Soil and Tissue Sampling

Take Control of your Field Health

Midwest Fertilizer & Seed offers both Soil and Tissue Sampling with full data and recommendations. Proactive sampling insures that deficiencies within your field are corrected before they affect your yields. By targeting the problem early, we can establish a strategy that will boost your yield potential, setting you up for success.

Geo-Referenced Soil Sampling

We provide sampling, advanced mapping, and targetted geo-referenced sampling for the most accurate sampling available. Geo-referenced soil sampling means that each soil core pulled gets marked on the map. In future years these same spots (within two feet) get probed. This way we can track nutrient levels with confidence, taking the variability out of the equation.

How Does Sampling Work?

Traditionally, soil sampling was used to determine the average status of a field.
With the advances of precision agriculture, we are able to target nutrient variables in specific areas within a field. Additionally, we can connect trends in soil fertilizer levels to other field characteristics.

To insure accuracy, we collect an ample amount of samples at varying depths for measurement of both non-mobile and mobile nutrients. Every sample is handled with care to prevent contamination and degradation.

We customize the sampling Approach based on specific factors influencing soil nutrient levels

  • Soil type
  • Topography
  • Cropping history
  • Fertilizer application
  • Leveling for irrigation

Testing varies based on the field. We do a soil test 6 to 8 inches deep for fertility and micro nutrients. A deep 24 inch nitrate test is required for nitrogen that moves down the soil profile.

Leaf tissue samples are done in season as a monitoring tool for any shortages of nutrients. Soil test are usually done from fall to early spring so you can recommend for the crop. Turn around time is usually 4 to 6 days.

Advantages of Tissue Sampling

Soil fertility only tells us part of how your field will perform.
Tissue sampling allows us to understand plant performance, as well as make proactive adjustments to increase yield potential. By understanding current deficiencies within your crop, we can correct nutrients before they negatively impact your yields.

Our Set up

  • Hydraulic Probe
  • GPS
  • Advanced computer software
  • Diesel truck (no field fires)


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