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We take pride in knowing our seed varieties and how each one performs in our area, giving us the ability to recommend only the most profitable ones for each field.

Brands we Carry

Stand Out Varieties

  • Dekalb corn
    • DKC 54-40 VT2PRI
    • DKC 51-20 DGVT2RIB
    • DKC 46-36 SSRIB
    • DKC 45-65 SSRIB
  • Producers Corn
    • 6253 STXRIB
    • 5933 VT2RIB
    • 5898 STXRIB
    • 5623 VT2RIB
    • 5043 VT2RIB


Brands we Carry

Stand Out Varieties

Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans


Brands we Carry

Stand Out Varieties

  • Croplan
    • 455 E HO
    • 3733
    • 545 CL

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Stand Out Varieties

We carry a short day variety that stands very well in the fall


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