Precision Planting Tools

What are the capabilities

of precision planting?

Precision planting can range from simple to very high tech. For example, one full blown precision planter would feature special precision row equipment on every planter row, insuring every seed is precise to spacing and depth for a uniform stand for optimal yield. Meanwhile as you plant, monitors within the cab track everything that is happening in the field. Data collected can include variable rates for each planting row that match the soil profiles, soil tests, and even the past history obtained by a precision monitor that the combine recorded the previous year. Match up all of the entries from the data collected, and every year your precision planting gets more precise as more data is collected from one year to the next.

Real Time Support

With cellular and wifi we have the capability to watch live as you proceed through a field. This allows us to watch what a field is averaging yield wise and actually watch the information come in real time as the equipment is going though the field, acre by acre. I would show the combine going though the field and all the data coming in live. Whether you are planting or harvesting, we can ride in the cab with you, without leaving our office.

Data-Driven Insights

There are both software and mechanical requirements before you can start using precision planting. Typically this new technology only works on newer equipment that have the capability to support the right monitor and software. Once the data is collect from the field it can be downloaded to one of the programs like Ag Advantage Climate or R7 Tool.

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