Organic Seed

Selecting an Organic Seed

Thinking about going organic? There are two options for choosing an organic seed to plant:

  1. Certified organic seed. These varieties have Certified Organic Seed stamps but are hard to find, more expensive, and sometimes not the best yielding varieties for our local area.
  2. Select a more common seed that is not a GMO or Treated with any insecticide or non organic friendly coating. This is the type of seed we provide to our customers, because this option provides a better performing product at a better value.

Popular Products

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Alfalfa
  • Oats
  • Cover Crop Seed

What’s in the Bag?

All of our seed is sourced from our local seed companies. We work directly with our seed companies to find proven varieties that are untreated and GMO free. To ensure quality, we also sign an affidavit form stating the seed is free from any non-organic regulations.

What qualifies as organic seed?

Non-GMO and Non-treated seed unless the seed treatment is organic approved. Once the seed is planted you can not use any commercial fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides to maintain an organic crop.


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