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After a winter that seems to have lasted an eternity, we’re finally seeing some warmer temperatures and the first signs of spring.  Once Mother Nature decides to cooperate, early April is the optimum time for planting small grains, either for grain or forage. Midwest Fertilizer is your seed source for spring wheat, as well as early forage crops including oats, forage barley, and triticale.  And if you’re looking for a hay crop with high protein and outstanding feed value, consider growing a forage oats and peas blend.

Looking a little further ahead, millet seed is in short supply in 2019, so if you’re planning on planting millet this summer, it would be wise to call early and get your seed order in as soon as possible.  Due to the short supply, we have seen an increase in the price of millet seed, but millet still remains an economical, high quality option for a warm season hay crop.

Another option would be to follow oats with a cover crop.  Cover crops can provide high quality fall grazing when summer pastures are getting short, or they can be left to improve soil organic matter and overall soil health. We have several cover crop blends available, or we can make a custom blend to your specifications.

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