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We are at that time of year.  Tassel is coming through and cobs are being put on.  One question to ask yourself: how do I maintain a healthy crop this time of year? One way is to ask your guys at MFS!

Getting your field checked for disease and crop pest injury could help solve an issue in your field today. Another way is applying a fungicide to help with some disease issues and bringing some health back to your crop.  Strobilurin and triazole fungicide groups are the primary chemistries used for in-season corn disease management.  Factors contributing to the risk of corn diseases include, but are not limited to, seed product genetics, field cropping history, field disease history, disease-favorable weather, and agronomic practices. 

Different diseases may have similar symptoms, particularly during the early stages of disease development.  It is not uncommon for a corn plant to have several different diseases present at the same time. Multiple diseases present on a corn plant can make disease diagnosis very difficult.

Diane Reaver, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,
William M. Brown Jr.,

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